What’s it all about?

It all starts with culture

What is culture?

  • Culture isn’t simply documenting or talking about how you do this or that. Culture is something that is lived daily.

  • Culture is modelled from the top down but most importantly, contributed to by the bottom up.

A wellness culture needs to be:

  • Championed by those who are wellness-minded and actively demonstrated by all.

  • A priority for business in order for it to be a foundation for positive relationships.

Through fostering a workplace that encourages and promotes wellbeing you're enabling your team to establish personal and professional healthy habits. Not only is this of benefit individually, it is of benefit to the business in that it builds employee engagement, enhances brand reputation and demonstrates a modern approach and responsiveness to changing times and the needs of your current workforce.

If you're wondering how business could go about adopting a wellness culture, it all starts with multi-level leadership, small and achievable steps, well designed and inspired workspaces, and having a team that's motivated to live well.

What can business do?

That's simple, take action

However, there’s that saying about how failing to plan is planning to fail, so be sure to give the idea of building your wellness culture some clear thought so it is right for your team.

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4 steps to develop a health and wellbeing strategy

  1. Establish a health and wellbeing committee.

  2. Identify and research needs.

  3. Determine goals, and build an action plan - goals, actions, timelines, people responsible, resources required, performance indicators.

  4. Monitor, seek feedback and make recommendations.

Need ideas?

build a wellness culture in your workplace

Whether you’re a business owner, HR manager or an employee wanting to see your workplace culture improve, why not discuss these ideas with your team. It is important to see what works for all as wellness efforts, just like business efforts, need to personally resonate in order for success to be achieved.

Remember, building your wellness culture can go beyond the workplace too, so why not include family and community where possible and spread the wellbeing message.

Wellness engagement ideas and overall happiness boosters:

  • Incorporate green plants into your workspaces

  • If possible, ensure natural light in workspaces

  • Encourage the use of commute time as “me time”

  • Hold outdoor morning or afternoon pick me up sessions

  • Encourage walking meetings

  • Hold lunch and learn sessions

  • Introduce a meditation zone

  • Establish meaningful reward and recognition programs

  • Hold regular goal and purpose reviews at individual and team levels

  • Foster a culture of gratitude

  • Seek out health awareness initiatives / causes to support

  • Build a calendar of internal wellness events / challenges

  • Hold an annual employee benefits expo for your team

Wellness challenges:

  • Walking challenge - to encourage movement wherever possible.

  • Plank challenge - to use as a daily pick me up.

  • Daily habit challenge - this is all about rewarding consistency.

  • Participation challenge - keep the focus on encouraging action no matter how small.

  • Bingo challenge - a fun concept to encourage variety and the seeking out of new wellness experiences.

  • Passport challenge - takes wellness beyond the business and encourages engagement with local wellness businesses.

  • Holiday challenge - a fun concept that could be supported by photos and team engagement on social media platforms.

  • Team challenge - a little healthy competition across business units.

When GOALS are understood, a culture of GRATITUDE is embraced and GROWTH, personal & professional is gained.
— A recipe for wellness-minded business success

We'd love to hear about how you are embracing a wellness culture in your workplace. How about we get social?