Lifestyle marketing

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Lifestyle marketing is about going beyond selling a product or service. It's about finding a way to connect and integrate with consumer values, interests, aspirations, attitudes, opinions and behaviours. It's all about seeking to educate, inspire and motivate your consumers.

With the goal of your product or service contributing to the definition of your consumer's way of life, here are three steps to get you on the lifestyle marketing track:

  1. Be human. Remember authenticity is key.

  2. Create positive consumer centric experiences.

  3. Keep the conversation going by building and engaging with your community.

marketing toolkit

Build yours today

This is in no way an exhaustive list of what's out there. These are just some common tools to help you get started and keep the wheels turning when it comes to your marketing efforts. 

Event management

  • Eventbrite - for your event planning and promotion needs. 

  • MailChimp - for your supporting email marketing campaigns. 

Social media

  • Facebook - for information sharing, community building and social engagement monitoring.

  • Instagram - for making a visual impact, capturing those moments and brand building.

  • Linktree - to get your one Instagram link working for you.

  • LinkedIn - for professional, B2B relationship building.

Marketing assets

  • Canva - for quick, DIY design, even on your mobile. Perfect to support your social media efforts.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud - for meeting those more complex design requirements.

  • iMovie - for those Mac users, a straight to the point video editor.

Website design

Strategic planning

  • - for business, marketing and financial planning tools and templates.

  • Hubspot Blog - for all round marketing, sales and service inspiration.

  • Legal Vision - for legally-minded quick reference answers to your business start up questions.

  • Survey Monkey - for your ongoing research needs.

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