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Right here, we're simply giving you a place to come to find a little extra spring to put in your step, a little extra movement inspiration.

Our founder Mel is a qualified personal trainer, educated in fitness, barre and pilates with a keen eye for yoga. From time to time we'll share how we like to move on Facebook and Instagram. Connect with us today so you don't miss out.

Find your fit

What exercises do you love?

The exercises we love - mainly low impact with varying levels of intensity, and those you might love may be two different things, but regardless, don't we all want to mix it up and try new things every now and then? If you do, maybe you’d like to try a little:

  • Yoga - With a history in spiritual enlightenment, yoga allows you to build strength and flexibility while calming the mind and nourishing the body from the inside out. You'll move into poses mindfully and with breath awareness. 

  • Pilates - With a history in athlete and dancer injury rehabilitation, pilates allows you to lengthen and strengthen in a balanced fashion. You'll anchor each movement through concentrating on your bodies centre and will move mindfully, with breath, and with precision. 

  • Barre - With a history of being an exercise system developed specifically to combine ballet with pilates, barre allows you to build strength and flexibility in a high intensity, yet rhythmic way. You'll move through a series of positions using traditional ballet technique, working the body in a range of directions, all supported by maintaining the bodies centre just like in pilates.

  • HIIT - With a history of being a form of athletic training combining bursts of power with motion, HIIT enables you to build strength, power and endurance by undertaking exercise drills followed by short rest periods. HIIT - high intensity interval training, is a time effective workout format that can be used in conjunction with various exercise types like yoga and barre if you’re looking to move away from traditional fitness exercises.

  • Hiking or Bushwalking - With a history of being an activity done simply for enjoyment in nature, hiking or bushwalking as we call it here, allows you to build strength and endurance all while getting the blood pumping and keeping your heart healthy. You'll walk through nature taking in your surrounds and moving the body in patterns to suit the terrain. If off the beaten track isn't for you, just walk where you feel most comfortable. 

You are only as young as your spine is flexible.
— Joseph Pilates

Find your flow

Move everyday

Now that you know what kind of exercises or activities you might like to try, how do you like to go about them? Maybe you’re a group class person, an at home workout person, like to be outdoors or simply just like to move everyday - that last one, that’s us.

If you want to move everyday too, it’s just a matter of getting going. We all complete incidental workouts each day whether that be walking from A to B, cleaning up the house, running after a child or a pet, and the list goes on. To make your movements feel more fitness related, you just need to:

  • Know a few of your favourite exercises really well - How can you make them harder or easier?

  • Create short, easy to remember exercise combinations - You might like to try grouping exercises based on a standing workout or a floor workout.

  • Consider the whole body when selecting exercises - If you’re stuck, think push, pull, legs, core and supplementary exercises.

  • Consider your workout environment - A beach workout with an added run might look a little different to a lounge room workout.

  • Use the time you have available wisely - If you don’t have an hour, no sweat. Use what time you do have and give it your all.

  • Select a format to guide you through your exercises - Maybe that’s counting reps and sets, moving a little more freely through a sequence, or moving musically, letting the beat keep you on your toes.

  • Always put safety first - Know your limits and what changes you may need to make based on any injuries, illnesses or conditions you may have. Listen to how your body feels on any given day.

FIT TIP: To keep those creative fitness juices flowing, consider documenting your exercises, your short combinations and formats etc. You’ll always have those ones that stick in your head, but mixing it up will help keep you motivated and challenged. Think of it as building your own fitness toolkit. Fitness the way you like it, that’s just for you, for when you want to move.

We'd love to hear how you’re getting creative with your fitness and making it apart of your lifestyle. How about we get social?