Take a moment

Be informed

So I'm not going to tell you there's a great new product out there that you should be using. I'm not going to tell you that you need to be jumping on each piece of technology that comes your way. I'm asking you kindly to stop, and take a step back from your technology for a moment. Let's look at the whole board shall we and make informed business decisions to drive our marketing and business growth.

I may be a chronic over thinker, but when it comes to making a decision on what business and marketing technology to use, those that have worked with me, know that this ability to think beyond has served me well. I do like seeing how the technology capabilities we already have access to, that are right in front of us, can help streamline business processes and improve marketing efforts. 

First up, before investing in new technology, look to what you already have and really evaluate it. A change in technology is not only a monetary investment but also requires an investment of your time to set it up, test and get it working in line with your business processes. This is why I recommend looking at the whole board. It's the knock on effect that a change in technology could have on your marketing efforts or business processes, that if not thought through, can really blow out your time.

With that said, spending a little bit of time building your technology knowledge bank is ok as let's face it, technology is our future so we need to embrace it, right? Not only that, but without it, we wouldn't have any where near the amount of data we have to help us make informed business and marketing decisions. Additionally, consider the productivity impact and consumer experience across the wider business when looking at technology improvements. We all want to work smarter not harder and do what's best for the business and of course the end user, your product or service consumer. 

With new technology being released all the time, put aside any feelings that you have to simply jump on to something new straight away, change your processes or be everywhere all the time in the technology landscape. You still need to be proactive and forward think but if you're in the know, then when the time comes, you'll have the knowledge you'll need to move forward confidently with that technology change that once caught your eye.

In the meantime, be savvy in your decisions and know what works for you and your business and opt for technology that enhances your current efforts. Know the cause and effect relationship of your new technologies and what technologies can support each other. In doing so you'll be on the path to improved processes all round while maintaining your tech game and keeping the ball firmly in your court.