The online world loves content and when your content is good, consumers respond and engage. So what should you consider when thinking about your content mix? We've got a few thoughts.

  • Created vs curated

As we know, content takes time to create and while there are benefits to having your own content out there, through curation in addition to creating, you can get more out there, do so faster and attract a wider audience. Be sure to select topics or sources to curate from with your consumer in mind. Know what makes them tick and go out there, find it and engage with it.

  • Consumer centric vs product/service centric

Let's focus on consumer centric. This is about looking more closely at your audiences wants, needs, values, aspirations and so on and aligning that with your offering and vice versa. In doing  so, you can cut through more effectively leaving that continual and direct sales pitch - messaging that is more product/service centric, for when it is really needed. 

  • User generated content

This may actually form part of your content curation plans. But rather than going to topics or sources that compliment your offering, it relies on the wider community getting involved. This is where campaign specific hashtags, for example, come in handy. Those using your hashtags are building your content library for you. Just as you want your consumers to engage with your content, now it's your turn to engage with theirs. 

  • Medium matters

Now more than ever medium matters. Video is taking over and as I write this I wonder shouldn't I just be filming to share this content with you? Thinking multi-channel might be a good strategy for you. Get familiar with other mediums, see what's worked for you in the past and go from there. If using different mediums is new, it's ok to test and test again. You'll then have the results you need to help make an informed next move.

  • Repurpose content

As we said, content takes time to create. So while you're at it let's create supporting pieces to help boost engagement. Maybe you've got a blog post that does really well on your website. Why not break it down into a three part series and present it by video on social media? Or what about a series of images to support key messages in the larger content piece? There are so many options so don't let your content be just a one hit wonder. After all, you did spend all that time originally creating it. 

On a final note, when it comes to content, delivering value is key and with that said, it helps to think along the lines of always trying to link back to answering a consumer question. Keep that link back to how the consumer benefits in mind along with some of the considerations above and you'll be on the right track to a content mix that works for you.