That’s a wrap

We say it every year at this time "where did the year go?". Despite the fast moving nature of the end of the year, I love this time for the reflection that it allows us to have. Sure we can stop and take stock at any time but there's something about a new year being on the horizon, a clean slate so to speak, that gives you that extra nudge to make a change. It's actually this time of year where my ideas for what's to come next naturally start to develop a little life of their own - It’s got to be that relaxing holiday mode. I love to turn off and enjoy my 'me' time and family time as much as the next person but I wouldn't be who I am today if my mind didn't drift to a little creative place full of ideas, hopes, dreams and solutions to things I may have encountered over the years.

Some of the biggest lessons I've learnt over the last few years are:

1). To be true to yourself, know your value and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Be sure to surround yourself with only those who see just how valuable you are - they are your people.

2). That every decision you make moves you forward. Even if things seem like a step back at the time, it's the opportunity a change affords you that gets you moving to where you're meant to be.

As for moving forward... That's oh so true for me and my winding path that will see 2019 be 10 years since I set out to make my own contribution to the wellness space. Five Macarthur Healthy Living Expo events later, a prior boutique fitness offering, a sister wellness brand - have you met Therme & Friends, lifestyle marketing empowerment for like-minded businesses, general promotion of local health, wellness and fitness in and around Macarthur, plus my day job, what’s next in 2019 you ask... Let’s just say we’ll be changing things up a little again.

To you and your family I wish you a happy and safe holiday season and thank you for staying with us on this evolving wellness inspired journey.