It's nice to meet you

First and foremost, I'm here to thought-share, ok, maybe story tell a little too. But if you're here, I'm glad you are. Chances are you either know who am, you're in business or marketing, you're a wellness inclined individual that's been following my events, or maybe you've just stumbled across this piece online, but regardless, I'm sure you'll get something out of the pieces I pen.

I've always thought that I'd be a teacher one day. If being a fitness instructor counts, then I guess I've already achieved that. But with my marketing hat on, and what a big one it is too (it's been growing for over 10 years now), there is just so much to share.

For me, I guess the idea of teaching is about encouraging thought, opening the mind to possibilities, seeing the whole board and utilising what tools you've got available to move forward. But wait, I can do that here. Welcome to my blog.

So being the lifestyle marketer that I am, let's keep it fun. This will be a blog where yes, you can expect to read about business and marketing, but I'll try and keep it light, add a little personal flair here and there, as well as add in a mix of lifestyle pieces as simply put, that's just who I am. 

If you want to stay awhile, here's a bit of the back story on me and The Wellnest Co. Otherwise be sure to click back soon to read a little more from the inner workings of this lifestyle marketer's mindset.