What's your approach?

From time to time I tend to adopt a bit of a thought process that, maybe in this fast-paced business world, there are two types of marketing managers. In my view I find there is the hands-on marketer and then there is, I guess what you could call, the project manager marketer. Granted the two would overlap, I tend to find, depending on personalities, work styles and the values of the company, a person may lean more to one side than the other.

I say this coming from someone who hands down fits into the hands-on marketer category and I wanted to share a little about my general marketing approach. 

If you're like me, you love the strategic planning but without a doubt you want to see all the elements of your plan through to the end, nuts and blots and all. You can also wear that project manager marketer hat when it is warranted and effectively facilitate a standalone project progressing to the finish line. You're also not afraid of a challenge and see such a challenge as an opportunity to build skills. In fact, it is probably this skill set that you've developed over time that has helped support you in working in such a hands-on capacity.

There's also the question of synergy and what's sought by the larger business objectives. How does your marketing fit into that? A marketing campaign or project isn't just limited to its predetermined scope, it has a cause and effect relationship with the larger marketing plan and the businesses overall objectives. I for one love to see how a campaign or project I'm working on plays a role in the bigger picture. There's nothing more rewarding than knowing exactly what your contribution is and sharing in the team spirit around reaching those business milestones.