From one creative...

...To another

You know that moment when you read something and you think, that's exactly me. It's like all those thoughts came straight from your head and were penned in the blink of an eye.

I recently came across this except from an article by Scott Macfarland on Huffington Post and had just that thought about my work as a marketer. 

"Because we’re all consumers, yes, even us marketing practitioners, we see, hear and engage with marketing campaigns every day of our life. Here’s the hard part. It’s not that the marketing we see is tempting us to buy products all the time, however, what it does is remind us of how we are doing in our own marketing jobs — Ugh. We instantly critique our marketing against what we see others doing and we compare the marketing methods being used by others based on what we would do ourselves. We rewrite the editorial copy in our heads to make it read and flow better. We redesign the layout in milliseconds to make it “better” or “more creative” in our own minds. This marketing dissection process is similar to a surgeon in a critical operating room procedure. As marketers, the surgeon in us just can’t let it go. We can’t stand to see a marketing initiative and not want to make it better with our own creative seal of approval. Sometimes we even take what we see in a marketing campaign and start to instantly give it a life of its own by creating our own version of what it should do and why it should be done that way. Yes, we are immersed in our profession and we can’t help but critique every other marketing campaign we see. I guess that is the creator in us that always wants to do more. We are clearly bombarded by other marketers and we also self-inflict the dissection process on ourselves without even knowing it sometimes."

For the creative minds out there, maybe you've had similar thoughts in your line of work?