Go that bit further  

There are benefits for all

If you're in business, it pays to empower your consumers!

Sure, your offering in one way or another is something that consumers will come to rely on and let's face it, that's what keeps your business going - we all need sales. But in a time where consumers have information galore at their fingertips, are curious by nature and want to understand all they can about how your offering benefits them, why not lend them an empowerment hand?

I'm talking about giving consumers the information they're looking for, the information they need. Empower them to explore more, and be in the know. Sure, they may come across similar information to what you can provide elsewhere but if you're the one helping them find this information or providing your own, then guess who they're likely to come back to in the event they need local assistance? You!

I think it's more a matter of changing your mindset when looking to your consumer base. Don't just look at how can you make that next direct sell but rather what indirect measures can you take that will lend assistance to your consumers and their particular wants and needs at the time. It's about putting your consumers first, earning their respect and if you are good at what you do, they will in turn support you. 

Maybe this is why I'm not very keen on the word 'service'. To me it's all about 'experience', the consumer experience, and it's our lending of this empowerment hand that could be paramount to ensuring consumer experience success.