A moment in time

Lasting impressions

The physical space that a brand occupies, let's call that a brand space. In a time where brands tend to shine online it's important to translate your brand to its physical space as well. 

Whether it's an office, a retail store or a cafe, wherever consumers or employees interact with you, this space should reflect your brand. For these people, walking into a branded space means they get to experience and interact with your brand and offering on a whole other level. One where customer service must embody your brand values in order to really cut through and deliver an exceptional experience for all. 

We walk into brand spaces all the time but how many have you really experienced? A particular venue might come to mind for you now. Have you stopped by The Business Chicks head office on King Street in the Sydney CBD? I have to say it's very New York City loft chic, yet practical and empowering. I left an event there a few years back with a girl power fist pump, and I'm not afraid to admit that. 

We see retail stores in one shopping centre the same as in another and that's a conscious brand decision. We see pop up stores that when done right, you would think they were meant to be there permanently. When the brand is in the forefront of a company's mind when designing a space, then the business is cementing itself as having a position and a purpose, backed by a workforce inspired by what's been created.

No matter the size of a business, there's potential to be not just another office, cafe, or retail store but rather a destination. A destination that through brand alignment emanates all those things that the business wants it to, and gives consumers a lasting impression beyond the transactional nature of the product or service they sought out in that moment.