A simple shift

A new way forward

I was gifted a box of affirmation cards as part of a 30th birthday present from colleagues, and there in the lid of the box, it summed up everything I’d been thinking recently. It’s not a lack of purpose I’ve been struggling with but rather a lack of perspective.

“…appreciate what you can achieve simply by looking at life with a different perspective.” 

It’s funny how those moments just happen. I’ve read books and picked up actionable lessons on changing your thinking to achieve this and that. Recently, I  went on a little holiday with the idea of building a few photography skills along the way. Here I was throwing out comments about how I try to avoid a snap happy mentality and rather choose to see a landscape, an object or a moment from a different point of view, and try to use those surrounding elements in that snap ready moment to frame an image. Hello perspective, it has always been right there. 

So when you’re the kind of person, like me, that has to consciously resist the temptation in business not to move the goal post until you've well and truly knocked that goal on the head, it seems key to maybe achieving this, is making a change to the thought process you initially applied.  After all, a fresh perspective takes what’s old and makes it new again. 

I’m still planning to build my budding photography skills, but you’ll only find me out and about in nature. I'll be with the elements, that in a passing moment (which usually require three steps back to attempt to capture), scream perspective and await that snap for all to enjoy. 

It’s not rocket science really and I’m definitely not a photographer, it’s just that I found a moment in time where work, life and the idea of a hobby just came together, it all just clicked.