Hustle on my friend

Hustle on…

I’m a true believer in passion projects, side hustles, whatever you want to call them, because without them I wouldn’t be who I am today. 

Those were the words that I put out into the universe immediately after coming across this article on passion projects over at Thrive Global.

Some key takeaways:

  • “That’s what your side projects are — little side streets that can lead you to new ideas.”

  • “Giving your team an outlet — even one that’s tangentially related to the work they’re doing — is a good way to foster individual growth and keep people from burning out.” 

  • “Side projects at a company don’t have to compete with the main goals. Ideally, team members will apply what they learn from those projects to their work — leading to new ideas, new opportunities, and a more flexible and innovative company.” 

These points have been so very true throughout my career. Apart from university communications and marketing study reaching a master’s level, my hands on experience came, like anyone else, from being on the job. But keeping my skills fresh, learning and trying new things, developing a new way of thinking, that’s all from pursuing my own projects - from wanting to do more, to creating as per my own vision and so on.

I have been lucky in that those key people in my life understand that about me. Even in those moments, where I find myself struggling because what I do and how I choose to work is not as per society’s expectations, these key people are cheering me on and not tearing me down because they know and understand who I really am.

Business does have a lot to learn about letting their people be people, be human, have a life and develop an identity outside of their work. Let’s face it, in one way or another we all have a little side gig going on. Whether it’s straight up commercial in nature, a hobby or interest turned something a little more, a community group or charity we support, we are more than our 9 - 5pm jobs.

It’s simple really, just let us be, just let us grow. Time to hustle on!