Understand your consumers

They're on your team

Building and having access to a community is a marketers dream. Just as you have an employee community (internal), marketers need a consumer community (external) not only as an audience for their communications, but to help in the revising and improving of a company's product or service offering.

When people think about marketers and the business of marketing, many people just understand marketing to be about promoting. Promotion plays a large role in marketing, but the other elements of the marketing mix, price, product and place, are just as important yet sometimes business forgets this. 

Building a community allows marketers to have access to all the information they need to make decisions about the four Ps of marketing. In many instances it’s a person’s first hand experiences of using a product or service that is most beneficial to a marketer.

When thinking about your consumer community think of your consumers as stakeholders. Your consumers have experiences with your offering, they have future expectations, their own ideas, and generally they are a wealth of information in themselves. Marketers need to look beyond their internal avenues and embrace this.

Through embracing your consumer community, your consumers will then act as an extension of your team. They’ll participate in your marketing processes and as a result be more engaged with your brand and offering.