I’ve always noticed my marketing skill set gravitate a little into the operations space. More so in recent years as technology has taken a firm foothold in marketing toolkits. For anyone climbing the marketing ladder or business leaders interested in understanding a little more about how marketers can play a larger role within their business, here’s an interesting read I came across in Marketing Magazine.

It’s extremely thorough in its write up on the topic and while it references the benefits marketing skills can have in those top exec positions, at any level and to summarise, I think it’s just a matter of remembering the below.

"Marketers are critical to bringing insight into aligning the front, middle and back of house operations into a business. Ensuring an organisation’s brand promise is delivered across all customer touch points consistently and with differentiation requires enterprise-level investments in technology, business process, a culture committed to customer service excellence and aligned KPIs." 

Coming across this article was a reassuring find for myself. While I knew what I had faced as a marketer over the years, staying in my marketing, dare I say ‘silo’ (a word I don’t think business should use in reference to their teams - talk about limiting your key assets, your people), I got to a point where organically I was simply pushing the mark, but was I stepping on someone else’s toes?

I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees the role a marketer can have in business operations. For me, toe squishing was not apart of the solutions I was delivering. I was simply evolving, like I had to, to successfully work in this new marketing age.

Have you experienced a shift in your business of the marketing in operations kind?