Research to discover

Know your data

Whether you're working on a marketing plan for the year or you're just looking for direction on making that next big business decision, the marketing tools we have available to us in this digital age give us so much insight. For the most part, what we want to know, it's all there in one way or another, just waiting for that simple click of a button.

Researching what might improve your offering, be in the best interest of the business and/or your consumers, or what will simply out do your competitors isn't a one of task you check off your list when you start out creating your vision for what's to come next. It's a process that needs to form part of your marketing strategy and be utilised on an ongoing basis so you don't miss those opportunities or worse, make any costly mistakes.

It surprises me when business decisions are made without looking at marketing data. Your research doesn't always have to be formal in nature but rather, just allow yourself the time to consider all the options and have some kind of data behind the decisions that will ultimately affect both you and your consumers. Be sure to understand it, remember it, and know why you opted this way or that as a result of it. 

Marketing research and taking a data-driven approach puts engagement at the forefront of mind and really without it, how do we know if we've grown?