Share your story

Connect with consumers

Building a brand or redefining a brand is one thing. Maybe you just want to get your name out in the marketplace or maybe you just want to get a consistent look and feel happening reflective of what your business has become. But while you're making plans to see your brand grow, have you considered how all this impacts on your consumers?

At the coalface, the moves you make starting out in business or growing your business all in one way or another, contribute to your brand identity. For one moment, take a conscious look and see if in getting to where you are today, if you've gone further than a business name, colours, fonts, imagery, defining culture and service levels and told your brand story as well.

Brands that are backed by a story have a higher chance of cutting through in this ad filled world because not only can they show their purpose, they live and breathe it. Their story is the base and inspiration for all their business decisions and enables the brand to continually remain in storytelling mode throughout all that it goes through. Additionally, brands are able to build a greater level of trust with consumers because their product or service offering is more than an offering, it's an offering with soul. 

Your brand story gives consumers a reason to stay by your side beyond your offering. Be genuine, think beyond yourself, develop your story, stick to it and share it with your network today.