Know your why

Your why matters

Recently I was reading about how the changes in the fitness industry, as brought about by boutique studios, have meant that larger fitness facilities are needing to consider stepping it up in order to compete. It's delivery in terms of the consumer experience that these boutiques are excelling at. 

The fitness industry is now taking note of the growing need for unique spaces, fresh experiences and instructors who are at the top of their game simply because that's what consumers have come to expect. But this post isn't to talk fitness. I'm here to make the point that there is definitely a benefit from taking a boutique approach in business.

To have a business that's boutique in nature doesn't mean small or limited. It's more about acknowledging what you excel in, doing things a little differently and knowing how your purpose goes above and beyond to ultimately shape your business and be of benefit to your consumers.

However, with the boutique approach comes the necessity to be able to pivot your strategy effectively. As long as you're staying true to your purpose, your pivot doesn't need to detract from your business but rather it can enhance it. It's an opportunity to showcase your adaptability to remain boutique, to keep your consumers experiences alive and further build on preconceived expectations of your business and brand. At the end of the day, your offering may be different but your why remains the same. 

From someone who has built a local wellness identity, I've seen first hand the good that comes from doing things your own way, from being boutique, from being uniquely me. It might not be a straight forward path, but none the less it is a path with purpose. So with that said I say, go on, now's the time to be uniquely you.